BGGS/BGS Languages Immersion Program Student Reflections

The Brisbane Girls Grammar School/Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) Language Immersion Program is a great way to practice our language skills with other students and gain different perspectives about the topics as part of the curriculum. Due to the Languages curriculum being based on different cultural topics relevant and prevalent in the countries where our languages are spoken, these differing insights are incredibly valuable. Therefore, by collaborating with BGS, we expand our global knowledge and viewpoints of different countries and cultures. This is also a great initiative as it is largely student-led and controlled. As Language students, we have freedom over the meeting’s activities and conversations, so that the meetings can be beneficial for every participant.

Emma Armitage-Ho (11R)

The Languages Immersion Program has been a wonderful opportunity to extend my learning and passion for French. This Immersion Program allowed me to share my findings with students from BGS while also hearing about their experiences and thoughts on learning a second language. I was also able to practice my French-speaking skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Elise Truong (11B)