BGGS/BGS Languages Immersion

During early Term 3, Girls Grammar and Brisbane Grammar School students proposed forming Languages Immersion Groups to foster and strengthen meaningful and positive relationships between the two schools through language learning. Both Schools have listened and worked collaboratively to promote student voices by supporting this student-led initiative.

In Week 3, a group of girls from Year 11 and Year 12 Languages participated in the first BGGS/BGS Languages Immersion event and practised their speaking and researching skills with peers from BGS. Students focused on sharing their learning experiences, exploring a diverse range of vocabularies, discussing intercultural understanding, and practising their speaking skills in a second or third language. Students also worked collaboratively to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the senior external assessments and the prospect of future careers in a wide range of sectors involving languages and communication.

Cultivating language learning and deepening students’ intercultural understanding has always been a significant part of Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s educational ethos. Therefore, it was fantastic to see so many students from both schools showing their commitment and enthusiasm for language learning by participating in the Languages Immersion Program.

The BGGS/BGS Languages Immersion event was an excellent collaboration opportunity for Languages students from both schools to work together to improve their language fluency and build on their linguistic competencies. This was a highly engaging learning experience for everyone, and students have learnt to appreciate and understand the importance of languages and intercultural communication. We look forward to future opportunities to learn and collaborate through the Languages Immersion Program.

Ms Cathy Lu
Director of International Studies

Student Reflections

I joined a group of seven Latin students, and we tested our knowledge on subjunctives, uses of ablatives and uses of datives, by creating a fun interactive competition. We also discussed the curriculum and the external assessment. This was an amazing experience, and it was great to hear more about our external assessment and how the HSC system works.
Kit Leach (11O)

For me personally, as a Year 12 Chinese student, it was interesting to hear how other people responded to questions relating to our Unit, which is about our future after high school. Being able to converse and learn about how people will use their Chinese skills to their benefit in the future was a good experience to directly relate conversation fluency to our relevant work.
Julie Lu (12G)