BGGS Parent Survey Results

Thank you to parents who completed the Week 4, Term 3 2021 BGGS Parent Survey. Findings from this survey assist the School in understanding the impact of the recent quarantine and home learning period on families and households.

With 504 parents returning the survey the data can be considered representative.  There was quite an even spread across year levels and an overview is provided below.

Transition to Remote Learning

On a scale of 1 (‘Struggling’) to 5 (‘Thriving’):

  • 67.9 per cent of families believed they were, as a household, navigating remote learning with their daughters well (rating 4 or 5)
  • 72.75 per cent of families believed their daughters were adjusting well to remote learning (rating 4 or 5)
  • 62.66 per cent of families reported to managing well with quarantine generally (rating 4 or 5).


A strong proportion of parents ‘Agreed’ or ‘Strongly Agreed’ with the following statements:

  • I understand that the School has been making decisions in response to guidance from health authorities (94.32 per cent)
  • I have felt reassured that my daughter’s safety is the School’s priority (89.08 per cent)
  • I understand what the School expects of my daughter during remote learning (82.97 per cent)
  • My daughter is managing the work set by the School (80.13 per cent)
  • The resources required for remote learning have been useful (75.42 per cent)
  • The resources required for remote learning have been easily accessible (80.05 per cent)
  • I am concerned about the impact of remoting learning on my daughter’s education (48.69 per cent).

Student Wellbeing

  • Almost 50 per cent (49.57 per cent) of parents reported worrying about their daughter’s social and emotional health during this period.
  • 72.81 per cent of parents reported that their daughter has adjusted well to remote learning.
  • 80 per cent of parents said their daughter knew who to contact for support.



Communication from the School

Many parents have ‘Agreed’ or ‘Strongly Agreed’ with the following statements:

  • The communication from the Principal about the School’s response to the current situation has been timely, clear and effective (88.96 per cent)
  • My daughter’s teachers have been available when my daughter or I have needed help (72.91 per cent)
  • I have felt well informed about matters that affect my daughter and our family (85.59 per cent).



Parent Comments

A selection of comments and suggestions from parents are provided below:

  • My daughter is thriving in the online learning environment due to the support and efficiency of her teachers.
  • I would appreciate reassurance from the school that my daughter would be looked after when she returns back and to ensure the school proceeds with a sense of caution rather than insisting the girls get back to activities such as sport and other crowded events that can promote the spread.
  • It has been done in very timely manner. Syllabus was switched to online mode pretty quickly. It’s been very impressive. I would want school to have at least one online tutorial everyday where children can exercise together or share their experience of what remote learning is like to them or a fun class. It will break the monotony and keep them focused and happy.
  • We have felt well supported during this time. If remote learning is to extend to the end of the semester, I would like this to be taken into consideration with assessment results.
  • Appreciating difficult times … needs clearer communication between school and QH… in both preventative measures and response. May we all learn.
  • BGGS is doing a fantastic job of supporting our girls through this challenging period. Please keep evolving with new and engaging ways to teach/grow our girls in the remote learning environment. The valuable life skills such as flexibility, adaptability and resilience required during this period are the silver lining to the unusual unique challenge we currently face.
  • They are spending too much time sitting, if they are at school at least there is time to get up and physically move between classes. Maybe if lessons were 5 minutes shorter the Girls would feel they would have enough time to get up and stretch, relax their eyes and move around.
  • We’ve all done this before, so I think it is somewhat easier this time.
  • We appreciate matters are beyond the school’s control but this will have affected all of the girls (to varying degrees) and therefore ongoing thought has to be given to ensure this does not effect their overall academic success.