BGGS Rowers Shine at South Queensland Schools Regatta

During the recent school holidays, 35 BGGS rowers from Years 8 to 12 competed at the 2020 South Queensland Schools Regatta at Wyaralong Dam. With almost 700 athletes competing, the two-day regatta attracted school rowers from across the state. Our girls had busy schedules racing in almost every boat class including singles, doubles, pairs, quads, fours and eights.

BGGS returned with seven podium finishes, including a 2nd place in the Open Single Scull and 1st place in the Open Pair, Open Double, Open Four, Open Quad, and Open Eight.

Congratulations to the:

  • 1st VIII who won the flagship event. Well done to Chelsea Ashby (12W), Bronte Cathcart (12E), Nancy Duncan-Banks (11E), Ellyn Hill (11H), Tylah Hutton (11B), Sophie Lucas (11O),Grace Robinson (11E), Claire Saggers (12O) and Eloise Young (12R)
  • 2nd VIII who in the same race placed 5th—a very commendable result against a field comprised primarily of first VIII boats from other schools. Congratulations to Olivia Barr (11B), Michelle Clewley (11B), Lucy Cribb (12B), Emily Hirst (11G), Sarah Hopkins (11B), Hannah Pinson (11L), Jade Somerville (10G), Lola Thew (12R) and Nellie Tilbury (11G)
  • Open Pair—Nancy Duncan-Banks (11E) and Ellyn Hill (11H) who placed 1st
  • Open Double Scull—Ellyn Hill (11H) and Tylah Hutton (11B) who placed 1st
  • Open Quad—Nancy Duncan-Banks (11E), Ellyn Hill (11H), Tylah Hutton (11B) and Sophie Lucas (11O) who placed 1st
  • Our first VIII who split into two fours and placed 1st and 2nd in the Open Four event. Well done to our winning crew of Chelsea Ashby (12W), Nancy Duncan-Banks (11E), Ellyn Hill (11H), Tylah Hutton (11B) and Sophie Lucas (11O), and to Bronte Cathcart (12E), Remi Hirayama (10L), Grace Robinson (11E), Claire Saggers (12O) and Eloise Young (12R) on placing 2nd.

In recent years the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Rowing Program has moved from strength to strength. These results highlight the outstanding work of the girls, coaches and coordinators, past and present.

Mr Darcy Wruck
Rowing Coordinator

Open 1st VIII