French at BGGS

In Term 3 and 4, Year 9 French students participated in the Books Alive incursions with Ceara McManus from Chalk. The workshops were designed around a short story called La Créature and aimed to develop the French language and culture through storytelling and reading.

First, students were introduced to strategic reading and discourse-awareness activities, working collaboratively to grasp the concepts of the story, and brainstorming the ideas contained in the text. Finally, all teams put their thinking and findings together to get a complete picture of the story and came up with their own version and illustration of a perfect ending.

In Term 4, the senior students studying French (including me) were given the opportunity to watch a French play held at the Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC) on Friday 15 October. The live play consisted of five French-speaking actors who entertained us with a complex story about relationships due to the pandemic. A projection screen was placed towards the back of the theatre above the actors, so non-French speaking guests could understand what the actors were saying. This excursion to the QMC allowed us to further explore the French language and culture.

Elise Truong (11B)
Language Ambassador for French