Careers Newsletter

As we approach the halfway point of the year, many students will begin the discussion about their post-school plans.

Each month in BGGS News, we will share the latest Careers Newsletter for students and parents to view. The May edition of the Careers Newsletter can be found via this link.

As always, the newsletter will be available to read as a link on the BGGS Careers Portal and the Tertiary Pathways home page on Minerva.

As a refresher, please see below for a summary of some of the resources that we have available, not just for students’ career planning, but for parents to help support their daughters’ career development:

  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School has its own Careers Portal, with up-to-date information and resources for students to make well-informed decisions regarding their tertiary pathways. The portal is used to support the Year 10 Post School Pathways Program and is also useful for all students looking for information about occupations, university programs, scholarships, and open days.
  • In addition to supporting our students’ career development, the website contains resources for parents, including the Helping your Teenager with Career Planning Handbook, an events calendar, newsletters, and an array of research tools to ensure that students and parents are informed about what is happening in the tertiary pathways landscape. The portal is available for students and parents via the Tertiary Pathways page on Minerva. Access to the Tertiary Pathways page is via Student Care or Year 10, 11, or 12 Year level pages.
  • Information about how work experience operates at BGGS is detailed on Minerva and our Careers Portal. Students are invited to make an appointment via for a preliminary discussion about the kind of experience they are hoping to complete.

For further information, please contact me via, or to make an appointment, email

Ms Louise Walls
Director of Tertiary Pathways