Chair and Principal Parent Webinar

This week’s webinar—hosted by Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Julie McKay, and Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler—provided an opportunity for parents to hear about the School’s strategic priorities and provided an open floor for parents to ask questions.

Ms McKay and Ms Euler discussed current priorities and topics of interest, including the continued provision of a broad and liberal education, the next iteration of the School’s Strategic Design, and the potential introduction of Years 5 and 6.

Parents asked a wide range of questions on these topics as well as on other areas of interest including traffic management, facilities, and House group structures.

Thank you to those parents who attended the webinar. Below is short summary of some of the questions parents asked before, and during, the webinar.


Will BGGS be reintroducing boarding?

The School is not currently considering the reintroduction of boarding.


How would traffic be managed at Spring Hill if you introduce Years 5 & 6? Will another bus route, West/Southside, be added? Is there coordinated strategic traffic planning occurring with BGS and BCC which looks at flow patterns, such as in a micro-sim model?

If the School decides to introduce Years 5 and 6, traffic management would form part of overall planning for these additional Year levels.

We have engaged with Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Grammar School and traffic consultants (jointly) to address current and predicted traffic concerns, and will continue to investigate ways to minimise congestion in and around Gregory Terrace.

The School will make a decision about the continuation of the Grammar Bus Pilot, and possibility of expanded routes, later this year and communicate with families at this time.


Inflation is rampant – what impact will that have on next year’s school fees?

The Board of Trustees remains committed to having an all-inclusive fee structure and have sought to keep the School’s annual increase in tuition fees as low as possible, without compromising the broad and deep offerings sought and expected by our families. Details about the 2023 Fee Schedule will be shared with families, via an email from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, in late November.


No doubting the financial benefits, however, respectfully could you please provide your thoughts around your capacity planning that would show the School has the ability to increase its student numbers by bringing in grades 5&6. I believe the School is at current capacity so how will the additional loads be handled? What facilities would be available for the girls in year 5&6, e.g. playgrounds?

This will form part of the School’s master-planning works, which will be finalised in mid-2023. This work will consider facilities at our three campuses (Spring Hill, Marrapatta and Rangakarra), access to other resources, and how to best use Bread House and 89 Gregory Terrace. Should the School decide to introduce Years 5 and 6, this will be incorporated into master-planning activities.


With the increase in year 7 numbers this year, will all year levels increase in numbers?

This was a situation unique to this cohort due to COVID-19 pandemic. The School experienced an unusually high conversion rate for enrolments, as did many other independent schools which found there was a significant increase in the acceptance of places for Year 7 in 2022.


When will you commence Years 5 and 6?

Should the School introduce Years 5 and 6, 2026 would be the earliest conceivable date, but no decision has been made.


Will a new House be required?

No new Houses are anticipated at this stage.


If Years 5 and 6 are introduced will there be consideration for a sibling discount?  

The School is not currently considering the introduction of a sibling discount.


Sports Facilities – I understand that Tennis is a core QGSSSA sport and one of the first sports played at BGGS. Given this history and importance, I wonder if there are further plans to develop better tennis facilities beyond the multipurpose courts adjacent to the school to further the growth and development of the School facilities as well as to continue to enhance BGGS reputation as top independent girls’ school?

The School’s sporting facilities, both at Spring Hill and Rangakarra, will be reviewed as part of current master-planning activities.