Changes to Blue Card Requirements

Changes made by Blue Card Services to strengthen the Blue Card and Working with Children system, in alignment with the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000, have now been implemented by the School, effective 31 August 2020. 

A summary of the key changes are noted below:

  • the ‘No Card, No Start’ law means that all staff and volunteers must have a valid blue card before they commence work at the School
  • all card holders must renew their Blue Card before it expires to continue working at the School
  • the new frequency test requires anyone working with children for more than seven days in a calendar year, to obtain a Blue Card in order to continue working at the School
  • stricter requirements now apply to people who previously relied on an exemption to work or volunteer at the School, through the introduction of the terms restricted person and restricted employment
  • stricter requirements introduced to notify the School about changes in a person’s police information as a card holder or applicant.

The School is committed to the protection, safety and wellbeing of children, and maintains processes to comply with the requirements and obligations relating to Blue Cards and Working with Children checks.

For further details about the changes, please visit the Blue Card Services’ website or contact the School.