Changes to Traffic Access to BGGS Campus

From Monday 22 July, changes to traffic access to the BGGS and BGS campuses will take effect.

These changes may require parents to adjust routines to ensure the best outcomes for all in our community, protecting the safety of students and improving traffic flow in front of both schools.

The issue of traffic congestion on Gregory Terrace and surrounding streets has been a challenge for many years, increasing with ongoing densification in the area. BGGS and BGS recently commissioned independent traffic engineering consultants to undertake an observational study and provide recommendations.

The primary concern for both Schools is student safety and the changes are designed to address potentially dangerous behaviours that may compromise this safety. In addition, we are committed to finding ways to make drop-off and pick-up times easier for busy parents, working with all levels of government to find mutually beneficial solutions.

These new changes will require patience to execute and, in some cases, parents and students may need to alter habitual ways of accessing the School campus. During this period of adjustment, our wonderful traffic controllers—who do so much for our community—will be working with parents to inform and direct according to new rules.

For the BGGS community:

  • BGGS pick-up opening time will now be 3.20 pm, with parents directed to follow a detour if arriving earlier than this time
  • Wait time in pick-up/drop-off zone limited to three minutes
  • Strictly left-turn from pick-up zone onto Gregory Terrace
  • No queueing over the Motel on Gregory driveway, bike lanes or no-parking zones, noting that Brisbane City Council enforces these restrictions and issues infringement notices
  • Students will continue to be stopped by BGGS staff if attempting to cross Gregory Terrace on a flashing red walk-signal.

In addition to these immediate changes, the School is actively seeking to establish longer-term strategies and improvements. To better understand the travel habits of our families, the School will conduct a Parent Traffic Survey (in Weeks 4 and 5 of Term 3) and students will be asked to complete a Travel Diary.

Further information will be shared in BGGS News and on the Parent Portal over the coming weeks and months about these longer-term initiatives. You can read Frequently Asked Questions for further detail about current changes, and also view a flyer detailing the detour that will be implemented from Monday 22 July.

The Schools ask for the understanding and cooperation of all parents during this period of adjustment, bearing in mind that traffic congestion has reached a point where we must take strong action for the safety of our girls and the day-to-day improvement of traffic flow at peak times.