Some Show: Charlotte’s Web

The Drama Department is excited to invite you to the 2022 Year 7 and 8 Drama Production, Charlotte’s Web. An enthusiastic and committed cast of 24 have been working tirelessly, rehearsing for the big season! They present to you, our dear audience, the Zuckerman farm in all its glory—acres of bustling farmyard antics!

Join Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, The Arables, The Zuckermans and an ensemble of noisy animals (Goose and Gander, we’re looking at you!) for your favourite barnyard story. Miss Sharni Folland has directed a magical triumph here, appeasing our nostalgic heartstrings. A beautiful rustic set, colourful storybook animation, glimmering glitter galore, and a bouncy soundtrack, allows Folland’s show to cheer for that eccentric chemistry between the famed spider and the humble pig.

It really is Some Show.

Limited tickets are available here.

Best wishes and congratulations to the cast and crew of Charlotte’s Web! Enjoy the show.

Mr Benjamin Dervish-Ali
Drama Teacher and Coordinator of Drama Productions