Chinese Club Cooking Class

Late last week, 20 members of the Chinese club participated in a Chinese cooking class, run by guest chef, Lisa.

The girls learned the process of making traditional ‘pot sticker dumplings’ (guō tiē), learning first how to make the dumpling filling mixture, and then folding the dumplings the ‘cheat’ and ‘traditional’ way. After bonding over our ‘unique’ dumplings, and admiring Lisa’s perfect creations, we were more than ready to begin cooking. After finishing the cooking process, we enjoyed our delicious dumplings—made perfect with a touch of garnish and Lisa’s famous sauces.

We are extremely grateful to the P&F for providing funding for this incredible experience, Mr McGrath and Mrs Quinn for organising the event, and to Lisa, the guest chef who guided us through this form of Chinese culture.

If you would like to join events such as this in the future, Chinese Club is on Monday at lunch, and everyone is welcome!

Brittany Anderson (11O) and Emma Armitage-Ho (11R)