Christmas Giving Tree

With only 55 days until Christmas, many people love this time of year—listening to carols, decorating Christmas trees, buying gifts and catching up with family. However, it would be very different if you were experiencing homelessness or a young family unable to afford gifts, or even a place to stay.

The Second Chance committee has once again set up the annual Christmas Giving Tree in the Beanland Memorial Library and asks the School community to help support women experiencing homelessness, and those who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. All donations will be sent to either the Bahloo Women’s Youth Shelter or Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre.

To help, all you need to do is choose a gift tag from the library. Each tag has the specific Christmas wishes and age of one woman or child. We ask you fill in your details on the left of the tag before tearing it off. Many of the requests include beauty products, art supplies and music or toys for children.

We encourage students and staff to take a tag, buy a gift and wrap and return it with the original gift tag to ensure it can be delivered to the person in the shelter who made the request. Please return your gifts to the Christmas tree in the library by Friday 22 November. You may also include a Christmas card wishing the recipient well and let them know that you are thinking of them.

Eva Seet (11B)
Second Chance Communications Leader

Eva Seet (11B), Kate Edmondston (11B), Olivia Harvey (11L) and Lua Jarrah (11B)