Co-curriculum Drama Wrap

With the FWAYMTZOT break-up and the Drama Studio finale closing the Book of Everything co-curricular this week, we ask ourselves Where in the World shall we go in 2022? Let’s reminisce over our travels this year in Co-Curricular Drama …

1951 Amsterdam? Check.

The body in performance … a masterclass? Check.

A Mad-Max world after the world? Check.

Ominous, hooded dancers? Check.

Zombie apocalypse? Check.

Sound studios echoing the havoc of a prehistoric land? Check.

Stuart, the talking tree? Check.

A mafia of improvisers? Check.

Shapeshifting teenager? Check.

It looks like we had it all covered in 2021! Who knows where we will go, or who we will meet, or what we will explore in our theatrical worlds next year? You will have to find out when you sign up for our multitude of Drama opportunities in 2022:

  • The Drama Studio—all Year levels and all skill levels
  • Grammar Dance—all Year levels and all skill levels
  • The Year 7 and 8 Drama Production
  • The Year 9 and 10 Drama Production
  • Senior Drama Production.

Thank you to all who supported the Drama program this year, and we wish you all a safe holiday on the horizon.

The Co-curricular Drama Team