Cross Country Results

On Sunday 18 July and Monday 19 July, nine Girls Grammar students competed in the Met North team at the State Cross Country Championships. The race was held at Limestone Park in Ipswich, which is a very steep course and made the race extremely tough.

Girls in all age groups competed in an individual event on Sunday, which ranged from 3 km to 6 km long. On Monday, a relay event was held. Five girls per age group in each region ran 1500 m, competing as a team against the other regions. It was a great experience running with other girls from different schools. I was lucky to have two of my BGGS Cross Country teammates in my age group racing with me, which made running at these championships very special.

Overall, the weekend was a fantastic way to finish off the Cross Country season.

Darcy Basford (9H)


Distance Time Place
18 Years
Annabelle Hill (12B) 6 km 24:29 16th
15 Years
Phoebe Oliver (9G) 4 km 15:18 16th
Darcy Basford (9H) 4 km 15:35 22nd
Lily Horsburgh (10O) 4 km 15:47 25th
14 Years
Jemima Morton (9M) 4 km 14:51 8th
Sophie Hunt (9O) 4km 15:38 19th
13 Years
Zoe McElwaine (8G) 3 km 10:16 2nd
Jessica Patten (7H) 3 km 11:21 20th
Kate Greenwood (7R) 3 km 11:38 25th