Cross River Rail—Guided Tour for Students

On Thursday 21 October, 10 Girls Grammar students were invited on a guided tour of the Northern Tunnel Portal, currently being constructed as part of the Cross River Rail project. As the site is just behind our School campus, it was a unique opportunity to explore the construction that we can see from the windows of our classrooms and find a new appreciation for the work being done there.

As part of the tour, we were given an overview of the engineering processes involved before stepping out onto the site and learning about various construction techniques. Donned in our safety gear, we toured the site and investigated the different types of rock being removed from the ground, the machinery used, and the complex planning involved to carry out such large-scale civil projects. The tour provided real-life experience and insight into the engineering and construction industry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Cross River Rail staff—Superintendent, Northern Tunnel Portal, Mr Scott Holmberg, and CEO of Pulse Partnerships, Ms Saori Peguicha (1992), as well as Brisbane Girls Grammar School staff, Mr Thomas and Mr Bowden, for accompanying us.

Abigail Woodcock (11W)