Drug and Alcohol Education—Parent Information Evening with Mr Paul Dillon

On Thursday 21 April, all parents are invited to attend a Parent Information Evening with Mr Paul Dillon. This event will be held at The Forum, Lilley Centre, Brisbane Grammar School at 6 pm. At this event, Mr Dillon will be discussing vaping and what parents need to know.

An important component of the School’s strategy for resilience education is engaging well-respected guest speakers to address students, staff, and parents. Each year, Girls Grammar has benefitted from presentations by Mr Dillon, an expert with more than 25 years’ experience in drug and alcohol education.

Mr Dillon works with many organisations to provide regular updates on teenage drug use trends and has identified that the key to protecting our youth rests in education. His best-selling book for parents, Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs, was released in 2009.

Mr Dillon’s presentations to students are unique and always well received. Parents can register their attendance via this link.

In Term 2, Mr Dillon will be holding sessions for Year 10, 11, and 12 students about the topics listed below.

Year 10
Young people, alcohol, and risk-taking: Looking after your mates

This introductory session focuses on alcohol and attempts to debunk some of the myths in this area, particularly around how to look after someone who has had too much to drink. Students will receive some simple strategies to keep themselves and their friends safer when they are socialising. Using the latest prevalence data, ‘positive norms’ will be promoted, e.g. the majority of Year 10 students do not use drugs. Information will also be provided on e-cigarettes and vaping. Finally, using real-life stories, basic life skills on how to deal with alcohol-related emergencies will be discussed, including knowing when to call an ambulance.

Year 11
Alcohol and cannabis: What do you and your friends need to know?

This presentation reviews and builds upon the practical strategies introduced in the Year 10 session. Information on cannabis will be provided, once again focusing on ‘positive norms’ e.g. most young people do not use the drug and fewer teens are using drugs than in the past. Potential cannabis-related harms, with an emphasis on mental health, will be discussed, as well as some of the possible warning signs that could indicate a person may be experiencing problems with their cannabis use. An update on vaping and e-cigarettes will also be provided. Finally, the impact of alcohol on the adolescent brain will be discussed, highlighting the potential risks of drinking during the teen years.

Year 12
Last year at school: What do I need to know about alcohol and other drugs?

By their final year of School, many students will either be driving or about to get their licence. To ensure these young drivers are as prepared as possible, information about drink driving and the process of random breath testing (RBT), as well as roadside (RDT) or mobile drug testing (MDT) will be provided. Depending on the group, information about ecstasy/MDMA and psychedelics will also be discussed, including the implications of being caught with an illicit substance in your possession. Finally, the importance of seeking help as quickly as possible should something go wrong will also be reiterated.