Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

On Friday 29 October, while everyone enjoyed the belated EKKA Public Holiday, 32 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award participants embarked on their respective Practice and Qualifying Adventurous Journeys at Marrapatta.

Our team of Qualifying students were dropped to a ‘mystery location’ and tasked with navigating to Stirling Crossing, our campsite for the night. We were all delighted with the surprise of staying at an equestrian facility and we set up camp next to plenty of horses and a friendly cattle dog called Patch.

The next morning was an early start. We hiked the long way around from Stirling Crossing back to Marrapatta and lost our way a couple of times. Despite having to walk backwards, through some bushes, and getting very sore feet, we finally arrived back at Marrapatta, cleaned up our gear and boarded the bus home.

The journey has given us all an experience to remember!

Molly Cooper (9W)