ECOMAN Competition 2022

Bridging the gap between business and education with real-world relevance.

During Week 2, Year 11 Economics and Accounting students had the opportunity to compete with students from Brisbane Grammar School in the annual ECOMAN competition.

The ECOMAN program is an internationally designed program that simulates the operation of a medium-sized manufacturing company over a four-year period. This program bridges the gap between business and education with real-world relevance. Students operate as teams of co-directors in an established company fulfilling the roles of CEO, CFO, Production Director, Sales Director, and HR Director. Students competed for market share by making decisions that responded to forecast market trends, including managing inventory levels, advertising spend, employee training, level of borrowing accessed, level of dividends paid, and much more. The culminating event was a simulated AGM presentation where all directors reported to their shareholders on their company’s success.

Through this experience, students learned the central role and contribution that enterprise plays in our society while operating in a competitive, but supportive, environment. The girls reported they found the experience engaging, challenging, and fun. They enjoyed the opportunity to work in a collaborative office environment and completing tasks in an environment that had real-life applicability. Congratulations to all teams who were part of the challenge, and a massive thank you to the supervising teachers involved, Mr Gane and Mr Sezgin.

Dr Sam Peng
ECOMAN Coordinator and Head of Economics

Back row (left to right): Rose Baumgart (11H), Aria Retimana (11O), Esther McDade (11H), Jacqueline Hii (11R), Jessica Dinh (11E) and Milena Saina (11O) Front row (left to right): Jessica Wacker (11E), Sarah Beckingsale (11L), Madeleine Shaw (11E), Eden Douglas (11E), Isabella Labagnara (11H) and Lauren Hirst (11W)

‘The ECOMAN competition helped us become aware of the challenges of operating a business and how the fluctuations of the economic environment can significantly affect a business. It was an excellent way for economic and accounting students from both schools to apply the knowledge what they have learned in the classroom to real world scenarios.’

Sarah Beckingsale (11L)