Educate and Empower

On Monday 23 May, we held the first Educate and Empower (E&E) meeting for 2022. E&E is a lunchtime group that was established last year when discussions around consent became more prominent. This student-led group is a judgment-free zone that allows students to express their thoughts and engage in meaningful conversations. While our first meeting discussed consent following on from one of last year’s topics, future meetings will cover other issues important to students.

At the recent lunchtime meeting, Amy Whiting (12E) presented an update on ‘all things consent’ to an overwhelming crowd of Year 10, 11, and 12 students. We were so inspired by the number of students who are interested in expressing their thoughts. It was an insightful and engaging lunchtime, and we can’t wait for future meetings.

Following our first meeting, BGGS and BGS convened for the inaugural E&E breakfast. This was an opportunity for all students to discuss issues that teenagers face such as body image, stereotyping, and peer pressure, among others. It was great to see the interest shown in attending the breakfast.

We look forward to reviewing feedback to see how we can improve the experience for future E&E meetings.

Isabel Shorrock-Browne (12R), Juliette Harding Bradburn (12B), Simran Mackrani (12H) and  Amy Whiting (12E)