End of an era for QGSSSA Softball

Now that the final season of QGSSSA Softball has unfolded at Brisbane Girls Grammar School, we can reflect on nearly six decades of sporting excellence and camaraderie.

Since its inception 59 years ago, Softball has been an integral part of the QGSSSA calendar.

BGGS holds a distinguished position as one of the four schools to have participated in every season of Softball over the past 59 years. From the outset, BGGS showcased its determination in Softball, securing the first premiership win in the inaugural season of 1965. Since then, the School has enjoyed a string of victories. From 2001 to 2003, the Opens won three consecutive premierships, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the sport. From 2003 to 2010 the Senior As won seven out of eight premierships under the coaching guidance of our 1996 captain, Michelle Beutel (1996).

Girls Grammar also produced numerous Brisbane and Queensland representatives, including three Australian players: Mrs Harvey-Short (Harvey, 1971), Ms Rees (1980), and Geordan Shannon (2002). The legacy extends beyond individual achievements, with notable moments such as Mrs Harvey-Short speaking of the pride of watching her daughter, Kirby Short (2003), play alongside Geordan, leading to their joint success in winning a premiership.

Acknowledgment is due to the players who have graced the Softball field this season, their dedication and enthusiasm contributed greatly to the special atmosphere surrounding this final chapter. The Open team, in particular, deserves recognition as part of a legacy encompassing 311 Open players in BGGS history.

Behind the scenes, Softball Coordinator, Mr Paul Martineau, and Director of Sport, and Ms Jane Gooden have played pivotal roles in ensuring the smooth operation of the season, their efforts integral to the success of the program. Special thanks are extended to Mrs Pauline Harvey-Short and Mrs Kristine Cooke for their unwavering dedication to Softball, which has elevated the sport to its prominence within the School.

On 24 February 2024, the last ever rounds of Softball in both QGSSSA and BGGS history were played. The tradition of excellence in BGGS Softball has been upheld, with all teams finishing strong, placing in the top three of their respective divisions. The Open team secured a third-place finish, while the Div 2 White team and Div 1 team emerged as champions, with both teams finishing in first place. Despite the social nature of the Div 2 division, the Div 2 White team’s undefeated run stands as a testament to their dedication and skill, deserving recognition for their remarkable achievement. Special commendation is also extended to the Div 1 team for their undefeated season and managing to take home the final Softball pennant for BGGS. As we conclude this historic chapter in BGGS Softball, congratulations are extended to all teams for their outstanding achievements, exemplifying the spirit of BGGS sport and leaving a legacy to inspire future generations.

To every girl and staff member who has been part of BGGS Softball, your participation and passion have left an indelible mark on the School’s sporting legacy.

Though this chapter may be ending, the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship forged on the Softball field will endure as a testament to the enduring legacy of BGGS Softball.

Madeleine Biggs and Charlize Chang
Softball Captains

Madeleine Biggs and Charlize Chang (Softball Captains)