Fight With All Your Might The Zombies of Tonight

Cobwebs. Pumpkins. Portals. Zombies. Evil cats. Wolves. Halloween.


At the publishing time of this article, the Year 7 and 8 Drama production, Fight With All Your Might The Zombies of Tonight, has yielded a marvellous Opening Night, and is awaiting its final curtain.

This apocalyptic rollercoaster ride is a fast-paced comedy about the individual and the group–a commentary on adolescence and identity. The heroes of this story follow Alex Tracks and a band of misfits as they go up against the bullies of the school, a mystery outer space infection, and one evil cat!

Matthew Whittet’s script uses the contemporary trope of zombie-ism to great effect to comment on how the masses become addicted to the cult of trends. In realizing this message, the directors have transformed the Gehrmann Theatre into a marketplace for frappuccinos and iPhones. Alongside the backdrop of All Hallows Eve, and the consumerist ‘trick or treat’ ritual, the production cleverly entertains the audience with this message by regularly interjecting great comic moments. Overrun by cobwebs, Halloween decorations and colourful costumes, the world of FWAYMTZOT encourages its audience to escape for a short while, have fun and cheer for the underdog.

Kellie Lazarus and Jason Klarwein from The Grin and Tonic Theatre Company loved creating this roller coaster ride of hilarity and fearlessness with the very talented student actors of Year 7 and 8.

The audiences have arrived in droves this theatre season, and the Drama department thanks everyone for their support.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of FWAYMTZOT.

Mr Ben Dervish-Ali
Drama Teacher and Coordinator of Drama Productions