Find a Frog in February

This month is ‘find a frog in February’.

Frogs are a vital part of our ecosystem and an important indicator of environmental health. Why frogs in February? Well, it’s the hottest and wettest month of the year in Queensland, which is ideal for monitoring frog activity and, with the increase in habitat destruction, pollution, and disease, it is important that we monitor our frog populations for the future. What frogs can you find?

At Marrapatta, we are a part of the Mary River catchment system. Some of the frogs we encounter are the: Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog (Litoria Fallax); Graceful Tree Frog (Litoria Gracilenta); and the Striped Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes Peronii).

Would you like to assist researchers by contributing data on frogs in your local area? Download the FrogID App. Once downloaded onto your device, you are ready to get out there to search for our small hopping friends! All photos collected from the FrogID App are connected to, and stored, on the Australian Museum Database.

The best time to spot frogs is at night, either just before or after it has rained, using a torch. If you are looking for frogs at night, be sure to ask the permission of an adult and go with a buddy.

Happy spotting!
The Marrapatta Team