First Day of School

It has been an energetic and exciting week at Girls Grammar as we welcomed students to the School for the 2020 academic year. A special mention to the Year 7 cohort on commencing secondary school. This week, the girls have settled into Girls Grammar with the support of their Heads of House, House Group teachers and Year 12 Buddies. May 2020 be a happy and successful year for all in the School community.

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, with Head Girls, Arwen Dias-Jayasinha (12G) (left) and Abbey Grice (12E) (right).

Emma McDonnell (12H) and Zarli Min (7H)

Sophie Hillier (12L) and Mia Agnew (7L)

Nandika Sadana (7B) and Alexia Georgas (12B)

Georgia Irving (12E) and Alisha Yu (7E)

Sophie Peters-Grieve (12W) and Margaret Barrett-Beck (7W)

Shriya Umesh (7L), Alexandra Hillman (12L), Annika Sharma (7L) and Josephine Clough (12L)

Year 12 Gibson seniors welcome Juanita Wolrige (7G) to BGGS.

England House seniors welcome Year 7 students.