Football report

The Junior A season for 2022 has been one full of determination, hard work, and friendships. It is safe to say that from training to games, the Junior A girls always have so much fun! Thanks so much to Coach G for all the effort he put into making our training and games exciting.

Despite a very disrupted season, we have come away with some amazing results. Our team was undefeated, except for a close loss to Brisbane State High School in Round 1. Since then, we have undoubtedly improved our skills and teamwork and have finished on top of our games against the rest of our opponents. Although it was disappointing that many games and training sessions had to be cancelled or postponed due to the weather, our team has made the most of this season and we are proud to accomplish these great results.

We have seen massive improvements in all players, and we look forward to BGGS Football in 2023—thank you all for a great season!

Lizzy Harman (8L) and Claudia Wallwork (8M)