From the Drama Department

The Drama Department welcomes you to 2022 with an exciting slate of co-curricular Drama and Dance opportunities on the imminent horizon. We are looking forward to being back in our creative spaces where we can explore ideas, share our passion for the Arts, build social connections and develop our performance skills. Join us for everything Drama and Dance by signing-on to one or more of the activities that we offer at BGGS.

What’s on offer? How do I sign-on? When is the first session?

Senior Drama Production

This week, an enthusiastic cohort of Senior Drama students auditioned for the tentpole Drama production of the year. This iconic event is performed during Term 2’s insanely colourful Arts Fest, officially closing the festival’s array of creative offerings. The play has been announced as Abigail’s Coven; a return to Salem, Massachusetts, where the events of the classic play, The Crucible, are scrutinised. Stay tuned for ticket sales.

The Drama Studio

Our first session for the beloved Drama Studio is soon approaching (Week 6) in A301, level 3 of the Creative Learning Centre.

This weekly Drama opportunity boasts an exciting line-up, including the creation of various performance pieces throughout the year. Come along to the sign-on session detailed below and enrol as one of our Drama enthusiasts.

Sign-on information session: Tuesday 15 February at 1.30 pm in A301.
First Drama Studio session: Thursday 3 March at 3.30 pm to 5 pm in A301.

Grammar Dance

Join us for the weekly Grammar Dance Club where passionate Dance fanatics convene to spend an hour before school learning new choreography, creating dances in small groups and presenting some of the troupe’s work in Arts events across the year. It’s fun, it’s a great way to explore some creative partnerships and it’s a perfect activity to promote fitness.

Sign-on session: Tuesday 15 February at 1.30 pm in A301 (level 3, Creative Learning Centre)
First Grammar Dance session: Wednesday 23 February at 7 am in A301.

Year 7 and 8 Drama Production

2021’s Fight With All Your Might the Zombies of Tonight was a mega-hit, spooking BGGS audiences of the two sold-out performances. For 2022, our very own Miss Folland will direct Year 7 and 8 students in a strange and magical play, that is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned for the amazing opportunity to be cast in the annual Year 7 and 8 Drama Production. Auditions are held at the end of Term 1, for a Term 2-3 rehearsal period.

Year 9 and 10 Drama Production

Our final venture of the year is our annual Year 9 and 10 Drama Production. In the same vein as our other two productions, we offer creative opportunities for Year 9 and 10 Drama students to work with a theatre director to perform in our trusty Gehrmann Theatre.

Stay tuned for the incredible opportunity to be cast in the annual Year 9 and 10 Drama Production. Auditions are held at the end of Term 2, for a Term 3-4 rehearsal period.

Please contact me and I will help you with your co-curricular Drama and Dance enquiries.

Mr Ben Dervish-Ali
Coordinator of Drama Productions