From the Year 7 Humanities classroom

Over the past few weeks as part of our Place and Liveability Geography unit in Humanities, we have been gathering and analysing data to help us evaluate the liveability of the Brisbane City Council’s vision for a redeveloped Victoria Park.

In particular, we have been examining Barrambin, the part of Victoria Park just next to our school. To help us get a better sense of the space, during one of our Humanities lessons, we went on a Field Trip. While on this Field Trip, we had the opportunity to draw a field sketch and make careful observations about what we saw and who we saw. It was nice to get out of the classroom, relax under the trees, get some fresh air and spend a peaceful hour looking at, and appreciating our surroundings.

The primary data we gathered was also useful once we got back to the classroom too!

Sarah Shakeel (7G) and Thisali Wijesundera (7G)