Geography Tour to NQ

Grammar girls are empowered to venture beyond the School’s picket fence to test the unfamiliar and gain different perspectives. To put this into practice, some of our Geography students ventured to North Queensland. Learn more about education travel at BGGS here.

In the September term break, a group of 34 Geography students in Years 9 and 10 embarked on an eight-day journey through North Queensland. Brisbane Girls Grammar School has been offering the Rainforest to Reef Educational Program since 2021. This program primarily focuses on hands-on and immersive learning experiences. Equipped with snorkels, wetsuits, and flippers, students explored the immense and captivating Great Barrier Reef. Through three snorkelling adventures in the reef and rivers, they uncovered intricate coral and freshwater ecosystems, along with numerous species that inhabit and visit these waters.

The students received a welcoming reception from the custodians of the Gunggandji, Yidinji, and Kuku Yalanji ‘sea-country’ cultures. They gained insight into how ancestral knowledge and traditions are not only revered but also faithfully integrated into the community.

Geography students are enthusiastic problem solvers. Collaborating with grassroots organisations, students planted, sewed, constructed, and contemplated. They directly experienced the concept of environmental stewardship and the core principles of safeguarding and sustaining both ancient and evolving environments. Besides the simple joy of outdoor adventures, the program offers students opportunities to comprehend geographical concepts outside the traditional classroom setting, cultivate new friendships, and engage in deep contemplation about the concepts of place and change.

Ms Yonnie McDonnell
Humanities Teacher, Head of Subject—Geography