Grammar Bus Pilot—update to timetables from 15 August 2022

Following feedback from bus service users and parents, BGGS has reviewed the bus stops and timetable for the Grammar Bus Pilot, which commenced at the start of Term 2.

An additional bus stop has been added to the Ashgrove route on Coopers Camp Road and, to ensure the bus services arrive at School by 8 am, some slight adjustments to the morning timetable for both routes—Ashgrove and Clayfield/New Farm—have been made, as outlined below:

Grammar Route A—Ashgrove—morning

Route Time
Coopers Camp Road near Jaloon Street, Stop 36A 7.10 am
Coopers Camps Road at Coopers Camp Road, Stop 29 7.18 am
Macgregor Street at Tooth Avenue, Stop 14 7.27 am
Latrobe Terrace at Paddington Central, Stop 10 7.30 am
Musgrave Road at Cairns Street, Stop 10 7.36 am
BGS Bus Zone 8 am

Grammar Route B—Clayfield—morning

Route Time
Sandgate Road at Hutton Street, Stop 21 7 am
Sandgate Road at Clayfield, Stop 27 7.03 am
Oriel Park, Alexandra Road at Reeve Street, Stop 27 7.08 am
Lancaster Road at Ascot Rail, Stop 24/12 7.11 am
Racecourse Road at Hamilton Central, Stop 20 7.14 am
Breakfast Creek Road at Evelyn Street, Stop 10 7.20 am
Skyring Terrace near Cunningham Street, Newstead 7.23 am
Teneriffe Ferry Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe 7.25 am
Merthyr Road at Alford Street, Stop 12 7.30 am
New Farm Park, Brunswick Street at Bowls Club, Stop 16 7.32 am
Oxlade Drive at Hazelwood Street, Stop 27/24a 7.35 am
Brunswick Street at Harcourt Street, Stop 6 7.41 am
BGS Bus Zone 8 am

The new afternoon timetable for the Ashgrove route with the additional stop on Coopers Camp Road is below:

Grammar Route A—Ashgrove—afternoon

Route Time
BGS Bus Zone 3.25 pm
Musgrave Road at Cairns Street, Stop 10 3.40 pm
Latrobe Terrace at Paddington Central, Stop 10 3.45 pm
Macgregor Street at Tooth Avenue, Stop 14 3.50 pm
Coopers Camp Road at Coopers Camp Road, Stop 29 3.52 pm
Coopers Camp Road near Jaloon Street, Stop 36A 3.55 pm

Please note that all times are approximate and may, at times, be affected by traffic, weather, and the number of students getting on or off at each stop. For this reason, we recommend students are at their stop a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

One of the key reasons for establishing the Bus Pilot was to reduce traffic congestion within our Spring Hill community and support a reduction of our carbon footprint over time. Unfortunately, we have still not seen significant numbers participate in the pilot to date, and as such a review of the viability of the service, on a permanent basis, will be conducted towards the end of Term 3. The School will communicate with families following this review.

The cost of the bus is a subsidised flat fee of $3.50 per trip ($7.00 return). Your daughter needs to use her Flexischools card to tap on entry to the bus. Fees will be charged to the same student account used for Tuckshop purchases. If you need assistance with setting up a Flexischools account or topping up the account, please visit the Flexischools website.

Belbaker, the bus service provider, has confirmed that they will notify parents, via the School app, if the bus is running late by more than 10 minutes.

The Grammar Bus Pilot page on Minerva has been updated with service and updated timetable information, effective from Monday 15 August 2022.