Grammar Bus Pilot

We have received a high degree of interest in the Grammar Bus Pilot and are pleased to confirm the below arrangements for Term 2.

The Pilot has commenced with two routes—Ashgrove and Clayfield—with two morning and two afternoon runs. This document outlines the bus routes, stops, and pick-up and drop-off times.  The bus stop for BGGS is the bus zone outside Brisbane Grammar School as highlighted on the attached map.

Registration for the bus service is not required as the service can be used as and when needed. Your daughter will only need to tap her Flexischools card once on entry to the bus and will not need to tap off when exiting.

If the bus is running with a delay of more than 20 minutes, a notification will be sent to parents via the BGGS App. We encourage you, and your daughter, to download the App and enable push notifications to ensure you receive any notifications about the service.

A Code of Conduct is in place for all students travelling on this bus service and we ask all parents and students to ensure they are familiar with these expectations. A list of frequently asked questions is also available for parents.

We will undertake a survey during Term 2 to seek your feedback on the Pilot and will update all parents about future plans beyond Term 2.