Help name the Marrapatta chicks

After a challenging few weeks for communities across Queensland and New South Wales, we would like to share some light-hearted news from our Marrapatta campus.

As Marrapatta recovers from some minor flood damage and prepares to welcome the first students of 2022, we would like to introduce the new, week-old baby chicks. The chicks are currently small and fluffy and need to be kept underneath a brooding light for warmth for the next few weeks. As they grow, the yellow chicks will begin to change colour as their feathers start to turn into the rusty brown of Isa Brown adult hens.

The black chicks will retain their black feathers and continue to grow as they learn to eat worms and forage for greens. So far, the chicks have learned to roost, have been practicing their flying skills, and their favourite snack is lettuce.

As part of the sustainability of Marrapatta, chickens are a prominent feature and provide students with a connection to nature … they are also helpful at consuming veggie scraps from the kitchen! When the chickens are old enough to start producing eggs, we utilise those eggs in our cooking onsite and share them with our neighbours and the broader community.

We will be looking to name the baby chicks. If you have any great name ideas, please share these with the Marrapatta Staff.