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Spotlight on Symphonic Winds 

Symphonic Winds is the School’s most advanced band and provides an enjoyable environment for a variety of instruments to play in. From piccolo and French horn to bassoon, each instrument is a valuable part of the instrumentation of our pieces but also our ensemble as a whole. I’ve had a lot of fun meeting new people and playing in symphonic winds, particularly as we receive repertoire that’s challenging but also incredibly satisfying to see come together with everyone’s efforts. Currently, we’re working on a few pieces featuring female composers, which are all stylistically unique and really interesting, which we’ll play at the International Women’s Day Concert.

Madison Beltrame (12L)
Music Captain (Band) 2023 

Symphonic Winds 2023

MSG News 

Thanks to everyone who came to our Welcome Night on Wednesday. It was lovely to meet you all!

Our first event is the Upper Intermediate String Festival on 22 February, where we are providing a BBQ for the performers before the concert. Parents of involved students are asked to register via this link if you can assist.

If you have any questions for the Music Support Group, please contact us at

Enjoy a selection of photos from the Music Support Group’s wine and cheese and meet the teachers event.

Upcoming Events

Upper Intermediate String Festival—Mendelssohn and Vivaldi

Workshop: Monday 20 February
Concert: Wednesday 22 February from 6 pm to 6.45 pm.

Register here:

International Women’s Day Concert

The BGGS International Women’s Day Concert will celebrate and honour the work of female composers—from around the world and across time—including three Grammar girls.

The curated program honours International Women’s Day by celebrating the achievements of women in the musical arts and includes the premiere of three original student compositions.

To purchase tickets please follow this link.