Journal of Double Star Observations

This week, students Madison Danalis (12W), Freya Murcott-Green (12M), and Kiara Packard (12G), published their first scientific paper in the peer-reviewed Journal of Double Star Observations.

Using the telescopes at the Dorothy Hill Observatory, the students collected data on the double star system known only as ‘WDS 11194-0139’. In conjunction with historical data, the students concluded that while these stars are co-located in space, they are unlikely to be orbiting each other. Additionally, they uncovered discrepancies between the historical data and measurements from the GAIA space telescope.

The students began their research project last year as a part of the Student-Teacher Astronomy Research Symposium (STARS)—a research-based co-curricular activity available to all senior students who are interested in astronomy.

The publication can be accessed for free at this link:

Mr Anthony Lumsden
Senior Laboratory Technician