Languages Day 2021

In Term 3, the International Studies Faculty hosted a Languages Day for Year 7 students. The purpose of this day was to offer students a diverse range of engaging and exciting cultural activities across five languages and allow them to select activities outside of the Languages they might currently study. Students signed up for two 30-minute activities and attended these in either their period one or two scheduled Language classes on the day.

The C Block L4 precinct was transformed into a bustling hub of excitement and fun. Students participated in an array of interactive workshops and activities. Those interested in German had the choice of either making some colourful Alpine Hats or participating in the more exuberant traditional Bavarian dancing. Japanese lovers could dress up in traditional summer kimonos or learn about the art of manga drawing. Chinese offered calligraphy classes and the traditional Chinese game of shuttlecock kicking (JianZi). The French participants could build Eiffel Towers from spaghetti and delicious marshmallows. Others ventured to the pool lawn for a French pétanque, which is similar to bowls. Talented singers joined in the performance of Roman pop songs and expressed themselves through Latin and music.

This vibrant Languages Day celebration was an excellent opportunity for students and staff to experience the richness and diversity of languages and different cultures. The Year 7 girls were excited and fully engaged in their chosen activities. Our staff enjoyed organising the day and creating innovative tasks and learning experiences for our girls.

We look forward to hosting more of these beautiful events in the future to help our girls explore world languages and celebrate cultural diversity in the BGGS community.

Ms Cathy Lu
Director of International Studies