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Making curiosity visible—Year 10 Economics ‘Question the unquestioned’ book cover design competition

As a tradition each year, Year 10 Economics students celebrate their Term 1 research project ‘question the unquestioned—why economics explains almost everything’ with a book cover design competition. This year, students submitted a total of 33 designs in the competition, with each of them showcasing, vividly and creatively, the curiosity sparked in the learning process. After two rounds of voting by Economics Teachers and Year 10 Economics students respectively, three designs were elected as the winners of the competition, with the first prize winning design to be featured as the book cover for the publication of student work later this year. Congratulations to the following students for winning the competition:

  • Annabel Wang (10R) and Karissa Zhu (10R)—1st prize
  • Isobel Payman (10M)—2nd prize
  • Tiara West (10W)—3rd prize

Left to right: second prize winner–Isobel Payman (10M); first prize winners—Annabel Wang (10R) and Karissa Zhu (10R); third prize winner—Tiara West (10W)

The winning entry by Annabel Wang (10R) and Karissa Zhu (10R)

Annabel and Karissa provided the following commentary on their winning design:

‘Our whimsical book design was inspired by the ongoing thoughts and outbursts of curiosity that occur in our minds throughout the day. A white background is used throughout, mimicking the blankness of the human mind and its ability to be curious, which reflects on the idea of how students used ‘questioning’ to research and form their arguments. The front cover depicts the tangible objects and interactions of daily life, which we spontaneously engage with—these act as the building blocks for our understanding of economics.

‘We presume that the world runs as it is without giving it a second thought, as the familiarity of everyday commodities masks the mechanics of the economy. It provides readers an introduction to being curious about the economy by relating to the reader on a personal level. Ultimately, the back cover provides a broader approach to curiosity, representing the wider global community, which students were helped to understand, to make sense of economic reasonings. Framing the earth is a compelling quote by physicist, Albert Einstein, expressing how “the important thing is to not stop questioning, as curiosity has its own reason for existing”. We chose this quote as it provokes our thoughts, urging us to question everything we encounter in life, as no one can answer our questions, but ourselves.’

Dr Sam Peng
Head of Economics