Mothers Group Ribbons

Taking the first step to find a place in a school community can be difficult, and Mothers Group would like to help make it a little less daunting. We are launching a new initiative this term: the blue and white ribbon.

The mothers who have volunteered to wear these ribbons at social events are there to help. We understand that as BGGS parents we are often encouraged to participate, but for many, you may not know where to begin. Perhaps, like me, you are not comfortable with small talk. Alternatively, you may be familiar with the constant rush of having teenagers and don’t often have the time to talk with other parents on the sidelines, at drop off or across the room at events.

Women wearing Mothers Group blue and white ribbons will offer to introduce you to other parents, answer questions or act as a ‘placeholder’ until a particular friend arrives at an event. They are kind and approachable, and they’ve all been in your position, a little unsure of where to begin. They may even encourage you to get actively involved, and I wholeheartedly support this.

The great news is there are plenty of ways to join in—there is no lasting commitment required. Whether you join us for a coffee morning, bake cakes, volunteer at an event, or decide to jump in and join a parent support group, Mothers Group will be there to encourage and support you.

Being part of our community only requires you to show up, and the secret is: it gets easier every time you do.

Kat Henley

Mothers Group President

Mothers Group members wearing their white and blue ribbons: Tracey Logan; Mothers Group President, Kat Henley; Paula Williamson; and Kara Chudleigh