National Tree Day Planting

Last Friday, me and eight other members of the Grammar Environmental Conservation Organisation (GECO) were accompanied by two staff members as we walked through Victoria Park to celebrate National Tree Day.

We learned about the history of the area, that it was a USA Army camp during World War II and that a prominent horticulturalist, named Harry Oakman, first began the process of reintroducing biodiversity into the park in the 1950s. For our own project, the Brisbane City Council was able to find the original plans that Oakman made regarding which species were to be planted in Victoria Park, such as Queensland Brush Box and Moreton Bay Ash, which we adhered to as closely as possible.

It was lovely taking a break from the classroom on this special day on the environmental calendar to visit the park and help our native environment. I estimate we planted close to 50 saplings in just over an hour with the help of the talented people from the Council. Once the planting was finished, we recreated a photo taken at the first-ever BGGS Victoria Park reforestation event, back when it was nothing but lawn.

If you missed out on the event last Friday and I have piqued your interest, come along to GECO meetings, held during Friday lunchtimes in K404. We have several events throughout the year with Grammar Goes Green, so make sure to sign up for the next one!

Eleanor Wild (11R)
Grammar Environmental and Conservation Organisation member