A new pontoon for Grammar Rowing

There are some exciting developments for the BGGS and BGS Rowing Programs in 2020.  For many years, our two schools have shared the Rowing shed at West End, with BGGS students accessing the sheds during Terms 2 and 3, and BGS students in Terms 1 and 4.

As part of our continued commitment to maintain a collaborative approach to Rowing, BGGS and BGS will jointly fund the construction of a new, larger pontoon to replace the existing facility. This will include two new ramps and an improved, safer surface that will reduce time spent by rowers getting boats on and off the water, allowing more time for training and the timely return of students to school for the start of the academic day.

The cost of this project will be shared fairly between the two schools, with each funding a third of the overall cost. The BGGS Rowing Support Group and BGS Rowing Support Group, Tipperoo, will engage in fundraising to contribute the remaining third.  This activity will provide a wonderful opportunity the Grammar community, more broadly, to work together on this important initiative.

Our Rowing Coordinator of the last six years, Mrs Sally Callie, has worked closely with the BGS Rowing Director, Mr Matt Marden, to examine the value of this project and together they have worked effectively with the Rowing Support Groups of both Schools.

Mrs Callie will step down from her position this season but will continue to support our Rowing program and newly appointed Rowing Coordinator, Mr Darcy Wruck.