One hour in Ancient Egypt

We were lucky enough to have a virtual reality experience during our Humanities lesson that took us through the wonders of Ancient Egypt—all within just one period!

As soon as we put on our headsets, we were immersed in a world of rare historical monuments that we had only ever read about or seen in photos. We observed the well-known Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx and analysed bold wall paintings in royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings. As a class, we loved sharing this intriguing experience and relating it to what we have learned about Ancient Egypt to help us draw conclusions.

Overall, the virtual reality lesson, a key part of our unit, triggered excitement and encouraged a deep analysis of the different monuments we saw. We think virtual reality is an important approach to our learning, and would love to experience more in future years.

Pallavi Cherian (7W) and Isobel Cooper (7W)