Online Chinese Language Speaking Competition

During the last few weeks of Term 2, BGGS students participated in the inaugural 2021 Online Chinese Language Speaking Competition, hosted by the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland.

This year there were entrants from over 25 schools all around Queensland involved in the competition, and our students wrote and prepared their speeches in Chinese to deliver virtually.

Ayisha del Rosario (10W), and Emma Armitage-Ho (11R) worked very hard in their preparations, and Emma placed second in the Senior Division.

The Chinese Speaking Competition promotes the value of learning Chinese language and gives the students an opportunity to develop their confidence by publicly speaking Chinese to a virtual audience.

Both students presented admirably and should be very proud of their efforts! Being part of this competition has been an excellent way for students to see how far they have come in their language learning journey and encourage the development of a growth mindset.

Mrs Paula Quinn
HoS Chinese