Parent Seminar with Judith Locke

Helping your teen become confident and capable in their school years and beyond

We are excited to announce that Clinical Psychologist, Dr Judith Locke, is offering a session for parents of Girls Grammar students to help your child become confident and capable. Dr Locke uses the latest research and clinical experience to show positive, practical and effective strategies parents can use to help their teens become more confident and capable in their schoolwork while maintaining harmony in the home during the sometimes-tricky teen years.

The seminar will:

• assist parents in ensuring that their child experiences fulfilling years at school
• offer solutions to parents to help children cope better with the demands of learning at school, exams and friendship issues
• give parents strategies they can use when their child is coping with tricky emotions
• help parents assist their child to become ready for university and work life after school.

This session will be offered as a webinar Thursday 19 August from 6 pm – 7.30 pm.
You can register here.
This session is for parents only and children will not be able to attend.

The Presenter

Dr Judith Locke is a registered clinical psychologist, former teacher, school counsellor and workplace trainer. She is the Director of Confident and Capable®, an organisation specialising in delivering psychological training solutions for parents, children, teachers and other employees.