Parent survey results

Thank you to those parents who completed the recent BGGS Parent Survey regarding the start to the academic year. The results of this survey have helped the School understand and respond to the needs of families.

More than 400 parents participated in this survey, and an overview of feedback is provided below.

  • When asked to rate how well their family managed remote learning during Week 1 on a scale of ‘1’ being struggling and ‘5’ being thriving, 50.54 per cent rated ‘4’ as their answer.
  • The majority of parents said they ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ with the following statements:
    • I understand that the School has been making decisions in alignment with government regulations (93.80%)
    • I have felt reassured that my daughter’s safety is the School’s priority (91.64%)
    • I understand what the School expected of my daughter during remote learning (85.17%)
    • The resources required for remote learning were useful (78.05%)
    • The resources required for remote learning were easily accessible (78.87%).

Communication from the School

  • The majority of parents said they ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ with the following statements:
    • Communication from different areas of the School was timely, clear and effective (83.48%)
    • My daughter’s teachers were available when my daughter or I needed help (76.75%)
    • I felt well informed about matters that affect my daughter and our family (83.99%)
    • The School demonstrated positive awareness about my daughter’s mental health and wellbeing during remote learning (70.51%).
  • Parents indicated that communication could improve in some ways:
    • 37% responded as ‘neutral’ when asked if their daughter’s teacher wasn’t available, they knew who to go to for help.

How the School could improve on the delivery of remote learning in the future 

  • Availability of parent resources online (19.05%)
  • Access to co-curricular activities online/at home (18.77%)
  • Additional student care resources for my daughter/s (i.e. mindfulness activities, information on health and wellbeing while learning at home) (17.09%)
  • Online meetings with School staff (14.57%)
  • More communication from the School (11.20%).

Thank you to the parents who provided additional comments and insight into their remote learning experience. Below are some of the comments received from parents on the positives of remote learning, and those areas where the School can improve.

‘Great job. Very glad we chose BGGS and the school has done a great job adapting quickly and professionally during these very tricky 2 and what is probably going to be 3 years. Shame to have missed out on the full co-curricular experience with school trips and concerts but we had to deal with very unexpected circumstances. Thank you to the teachers and their efforts over this time.’

‘remote learning is just inherently difficult for many students who are not always self-directed with learning.’

‘I felt it went well and my daughter seemed to cope well with remote learning. I heard her asking questions and teachers answering, so I don’t feel she was adversely affected by remote learning vs learning at school.’

‘The only thing my daughter found challenging about remote learning was that there were several days on which she had a Zoom for the whole of every lesson, and she found this exhausting. Last year, during lockdowns/the post Open Day quarantine period, the school days were a mixture of all-Zoom, short-check-in-Zoom, and no-Zoom/independent work. She found this a lot more productive and less draining.’

‘It’s a long day for the girls in front of a screen, I’d like to see more short breaks. Also, as a parent it would have been great to hear from teachers and understand their expectations/plans.’

‘We are grateful to see that the school has provided support to both my daughter and family from various aspects of areas: mentally, emotionally, academically and physically. My daughter has settled in very well and is excited for school each day.’