P&F President’s Annual Report

I would like to begin by acknowledging the many hours of hard work and service demonstrated by the members of our BGGS Parents and Friends Committee. Your enthusiasm and commitment has been unwavering over the past year, and I wish to personally thank you all for the support and guidance you have shown me in my first year as President. When I reflect over the last 12 months, I think not only of the whirlwind of activity and events, but also of the positivity and friendship of a group of like-minded parents striving to support the Girls Grammar community and each other in turn.

2019 Executive Committee

Office Holders

  • Dr Cate Campbell, Vice-President
  • Ms Bonita Cory, Treasurer
  • Ms Sophie Ward, Secretary
  • Dr Helen Brown, Assistant Secretary

Executive Committee Members

  • Mr Rick Maher, Committee Member
  • Ms Nicola Hill, Committee Member
  • Mr Jose Varela, Committee Member
  • Ms Megan Mahon, Committee Member (resigned 9 September 2019)
  • Mr Sean Middlemass, Committee Member
  • Dr Dominique Carroll, Committee Member
  • Ms Amanda McDonnell, Committee Member
  • Mr Mumtaz Saleem, President Fathers Group—ex officio member of the Committee
  • Ms Julie Norris, President Mothers Group—ex officio member of the Committee

Old Girls Association

  • Mrs Julie Caton


This year has been filled with much joy and many highlights. I believe our support groups are ending 2019 with cohesion and sense of achievement. I have heard it commented upon more than once over the past year, of the way our support groups ‘look out’ for each other. Some of the main highlights of 2019 include:

  • the ongoing provision of a quality service to the School community through the operation of the P&F Uniform Shop;
  • the successful implementation and roll out of new accounting/ point of sale/ inventory system;
  • the development and implementation of new online P&F Uniform Shop;
  • a new fit-out to the front of house area of the shop, allowing for reorganisation of stock and displays;
  • the provision of a Thank-you Morning Tea for the entire Girls Grammar staff;
  • provision of financial assistance and community support to the Grammar Bursary recipient, sporting and cocurricular activities and Year 12 Valedictory Dinner;
  • a major financial donation to the School to support the construction of the New Science Learning Centre; and
  • increased awareness of the P&F’s role with the School’s parent body through the end of term updates in BGGS News.

Brisbane Girls Grammar P&F Uniform Shop

Year after year the P&F Uniform Shop continues to provide a professional and caring support service to our community. Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs Robyn Mullen, General Manager, and Mrs Rebecca Goodman, Mrs Fiona Brockhurst, Mrs Lyndall Turner, Mrs Andrea Cook, Mrs Lillian Wyeth and Mrs Annette Saggers, (who also provides support at Rangakarra), who work with the many wonderful parent volunteers and the School to ensure the smooth operation of this successful enterprise, while continually improving systems and processes. Time and time again I have witnessed this team go over and above to ensure not only the efficient running of the shop, but genuine acts of kindness and support to the girls and their parents.

This year has been a transitional one for the P&F Uniform Shop with the creation and launch of the P&F Uniform Shop’s online store. The production of this platform has been a mammoth undertaking, involving many clever minds. Many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this wonderful asset to life, in particular Mrs Rebecca Goodman from the P&F Uniform Shop, who has been so passionate about the project, and has been supported by the School’s IT and Communications and Engagement Departments.

We thank Mrs Rachael Dauber who took on the role of Shop Accountant in Term 2 this year following the resignation of Mrs Evelyn Goggin. Rachael has ably stepped into the role, supporting the shop staff and P&F Treasurer. Her skills in reconciling the accounting programs, liaising with the auditors, preparing timely and accurate financial reports combined with her wonderful and helpful nature are greatly appreciated.

If you have been in our P&F Uniform Shop over the past few weeks you will have noticed the front service area of the shop has been refurbished. The P&F is extremely grateful to the School, in particular the Facilities Department, for their kind support of this project. The refurbishment has given the shop a visual lift, and provided a more efficient working area for our shop staff. Pride of place in our refurbishment is a beautiful artwork donated to the P&F by one of our volunteers, Mrs Alison Hale. We thank Mrs Hale for this generous and beautiful gesture.

P&F Association Financial Position

The P&F’s full financial position has been disclosed in the audited Financial Report prepared by BDO and in monthly reports to the committee by our Treasurer, Mrs Bonita Corey. Careful management of the P&F’s financial position has enabled us to give back to our community in the form of:

  • a major donation to School to support the construction of the New Science Learning Centre
  • the provision of new uniforms and textbooks to BGGS Year 7 2020 Bursary recipient
  • providing support to sporting and cocurricular events such as the Interhouse Cross Country and End-of-Season celebrations
  • gift of Year 12 badges
  • provision of Valedictory Dinner tickets for Year 12 students
  • gift of Graduation commemoration key-ring.


Mothers and Fathers Group

Thank you to all parents and volunteers who have been part of, or supported Mothers and or Fathers Groups. Your groups provide the social cohesion so important in a community and create opportunities for us to support, learn, and sometimes just let our hair down. Thank you to Mrs Julie Caton and Mr Mumtaz Saleem for the leadership, inspiration and initiatives you have brought to the table this year. Your roles are large undertakings and have been handled with professionalism and warmth. Congratulations on the many successful functions you have undertaken which have provided opportunities for education, comradery and fun. The amount of work you have both put in is not to be underestimated.

Water Polo, Rowing, Music Committees

Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Karen Warat, Mr Sam Vecchio, Mrs Robyn Hamilton and Mr Suren Dias-Jayasimha on yet another busy and rewarding year for these sporting and musical support groups. Your assistance provides much needed support to the School, coaches and teaching staff. The many hours of dedication, support and fundraising and feeding of the girls for these popular activities does not go unrecognised, and these are probably very few families in the School who do not benefit from your efforts.

Communications and Events Team

There has been a high level of engagement with the Communications and Events team this year who, as always, ensure that no detail is overlooked. A special thanks to Dr Belinda Burns for her diligent attendance and input at all P&F Meetings and the quick response to the countless emails that she receives from the Support Groups. Belinda has been one of my go-to people this year when I needed a question answered or assistance, and I thank her for her patience and guidance.

Thank you to Events Coordinator, Ms Heidi Dulieu, for stepping so aptly into the role vacated by Ms Nicola Taylor at the end of Term 3. It is reassuring to know that Heidi is there with her friendly and calm manner, ready to offer assistance to all.

Facilities and IT Teams

Thank you to the Facilities and IT Departments for the generous support and quick responses to all manner of requests from the P&F and Uniform Shop over 2019. From the small day-to-day requests to the significant input into the shop refurbishment and the countless hours spent on the production of our online platform, all requests are met with good grace and a willingness to assist.

Brisbane Girls Grammar Families

Thank you to all our Girls Grammar families for the support and service you have provided to our community through active volunteering, attendance at an event, or supporting our P&F Uniform Shop. Your willingness to assist the School and the P&F Association can only strengthen the connections to our girls in turn, and provide them with positive models of kindness and a spirit of generosity.

A special mention to our departing Year 12 parent volunteers whose gift of time has greatly assisted with keeping the P&F Uniform Shop running smoothly:  Patricia Stacey (daughter Amelia); Susie Shepard (daughter Sophie); Eunyoung Choi (daughter Nigella); Alison Hale (daughter Maris); Leotine Musso (daughter Chiara); Rachael Moss (daughter Lizzie). We hope you have enjoyed your time with the shop and the friendships you have made along the way.

Brisbane Girls Grammar Executive and Staff

Thank you to Ms Euler, Mrs Ingram, Dr Addison, Ms Fraser, Ms Anthonisz and all Girls Grammar staff for your support of the P&F and our community. We appreciate the time, interest and engagement shown by the Girls Grammar Executive. Ms Euler, thank you for the opportunity to hold open and honest conversations with you, and for your willingness to listen and resolve matters. I believe that the level of engagement and happiness shown by our girls at Girls Grammar is a product of the mentoring, leadership and positive examples they experience daily, and the nurturing and consideration they are awarded by BGGS teachers and staff alike.

Board of Trustees

We thank Ms Julie McKay, Chair of the Board of Trustees and all Board members for the time, experience and engagement they provide to ensure good governance of the School. It has been wonderful to see members of the Board regularly attending Girls Grammar social functions and we thank for them for the opportunity to discuss the roles and aspirations of all Support Groups with them at the Board Dinner during Term 3.

Julie Caton—President, Old Girls Association

Julie, once again you have brought your enthusiasm and determination to your role. You have had a wonderful and varied program of events this year and your engagement with the School community and the girls has made them more aware of the part that the Old Girls Association can play in their future as they transition into Grammar Women. Your ‘can do’ positive attitude has made it a delight to work with you this year, and we look forward to further strengthening our ties in 2020.

Thank You and Farewell

Mr Mumtaz Saleem—President Fathers Group

Mumtaz, it has been a delight to get to know you and work with you this year. Fathers Group numbers and engagement has increased in your capable hands, and we thank you for the support we know we could always rely on with you. You are a true gentleman and we have valued your friendship, wisdom and your willingness to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand.

Mrs Bonita Cory—Treasurer P&F Association

Bonita, my deepest thanks for your support, guidance and friendship over the past four years. I have particularly enjoyed working with you strongly this year in our respective roles on the Executive, knowing I could always count on your judgement and advice. Not content to simply monitor the financials, you have been the instigator and driving force behind the largest changes to the P&F Uniform Shop in years, namely the implementation and roll out of new accounting/point of sale/inventory system and the development and implementation of new online store. You have engaged with our shop staff and listened to their concerns and their input. The result is outstanding and has exceeded all expectations.

Mrs Sophie Ward—Secretary P&F Association

Sophie, while we are sad to be losing you from the Committee, the School Community are fortunate in that you will still be part of Girls Grammar for another two years. Thank you for your warmth, friendship and for the valued advice, assistance and experience you have provided. I feel that the Committee has always been in safe hands during your turn as Secretary. You have always conducted yourself in a warm and professional manner and have gone above and beyond to ensure the Committee’s governance is sound. You have made my job significantly easier.

Finally, I would once again like to reiterate my thanks to the entire P&F Committee. This year we have come together to support each other and work together to hopefully make a difference to our community. I have noticed a high level of engagement at meetings this year and have been pleased that a compromise could always be found when challenges presented themselves. While we organise and attend functions and look after the P&F Uniform Shop, our true role is to represent our parent body, to promote fellowship among parents of students, and of course to support the School in a myriad of ways. You are positive role models to your daughters and it has been my pleasure to work with you all this year.

I look forward to what 2020 may bring and wish all the Committee, students, Girls Grammar families and staff a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Susan Playford
President, Brisbane Girls Grammar Parent & Friends Association