Photos of the Week

Thank you to our BGGS families for your support during a unique Term 3 at our School. Please enjoy photos from the Year 7 Languages Incursions event, Year 10 Modern History UN Summit, the Head of the River Regatta, and QGSSSA training session with a special guest.




BGGS girls enjoying a conversation in traditional summer kimono

An aerobic exercise with traditional Chinese Jianzi

The wonderful art of Chinese calligraphy

Chinese delegates at the UN COVID-19 Summit, Charlotte Parker (10L) and Kate Ireland (10O), address the meeting

Country delegates at the United Nations Summit prepare notes for debate. UK delegates Louise Campbell (10O) and Rose Baumgart (10H) co-hosted the Summit with Senegal delegates Sophie Coleman (10M) and Kiara Chang (10B)

Marley Seipel-Hong (10L), one of the delegates representing the USA, explains the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nation

Grammar girls letting their voices be heard at the Head of the River Regatta (photo: Nick Bamber)

Coordinator and Head Coach of Rowing, Mr Darcy Wruck, enjoying the competition (photo: Nick Bamber)

Spectators from all Rowing schools gathered to cheer on their teams (photo: Nick Bamber)

A moment of down time at the BGGS camp (photo: Nick Bamber)

Our Athletics Team recieved an exciting surprise in their last training session before Thursday's QGSSSA Athletics Competition—two-time Olympic decathlete, Mr Cedric Dubler, came in to speak with the girls

Mr Dubler is renowned for his inspirational and motivating encouragement to young athletes

One final war cry before the QGSSSA Competition