Preparing for Remote Learning

The 2022 academic year will commence on Monday 31 January, remotely, until Monday 7 February at this stage.

While we wish students could start the year on campus, we are very confident that they will once again rise to meet this challenge. Our staff are well-prepared and have continued to work creatively to ensure students receive engaging lessons throughout this period of remote learning.

Minerva, our learning management system, will again provide the bedrock of our remote learning curriculum. Subject-specific home pages have remote learning modules embedded in them and are ready for use. Students can find their daily timetable on Minerva that will be used during this remote learning period.

Students must wear their BGGS uniform, ensure their device is charged and check their online resources (Minerva/email).

Classes and break times will be held within normal school times.

Each student’s first point of contact will be House Group on Monday at 8.20 am.

If students have any technology-related issues, please contact IT.

More information on remote learning, including frequently asked questions, can be found on Minerva.