Public Transport Reminder

To ensure the safety of students travelling to School, girls are reminded to adhere to transport rules and be mindful of others while using public transport.

Students should behave in a manner that does not detract from their own reputation or that of other members of the School community while travelling to and from the School.

Grammar girls are reminded to conduct themselves with dignity, respect and demonstrate courtesy for the wellbeing of community members.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Rail recommend the following guidelines for students to be safe and responsible passengers:

  • Follow driver instructions
  • Follow bus/train rules
  • Respect other passengers and their property
  • Communicate respectfully with others and refrain from having loud conversations
  • Store all objects safely
  • Place your bag on your knee or under the seat, not on an unoccupied seat or in the aisle, to ensure the pathway is clear for other passengers
  • If you are occupying a Priority Seat, vacate the seat for someone who has a disability, is elderly, pregnant or carrying young children
  • Do not consume food or drink other than water
  • When waiting to board the bus or train, stand aside to let customers disembark first.

Thank you for adhering to the public transport guidelines and being mindful of others when travelling to school.