QGSSSA Badminton results

On Saturday 16 October, Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9 Badminton players represented the School at the QGSSSA Badminton Competition. Congratulations to all players on a very successful championship. The results are as follows:

  • 9A—Fourth
  • 9B—Seventh
  • 9C—Second
  • 8A—Fifth
  • 8B—Second
  • 8C—First
  • 7A—First
  • 7B—Third
  • 7C—Fifth.

Students’ hard work over the Badminton season was evident through some very close and skilful matches.

Thanks must go to our Badminton coaches, for the time and effort they have contributed throughout the season. They have been positive role models for all players, and their dedication has been imperative to the success of our Badminton teams in 2022.

This brings the Badminton season to a close for 2022. Thank you to all the players for your continued effort and performances; we look forward to having you back in 2023.

Ms Stephanie Johnson
Science Teacher
Badminton Coordinator