QGSSSA Badminton Results

On Saturday 9 October, the Open, Senior A to D and Year 10 Badminton players represented the School at the QGSSSA Badminton Competition. Congratulations to all players on a highly successful championship. Results are as follows:

Open – 1st Premiers

Senior A – 1st Premiers

Senior B – 1st Premiers

Senior C – 2nd

Senior D – 1st Premiers

10A – 4th

10B – 5th

10C – 2nd

This is the first time Girls Grammar has won the Open division for Badminton—an incredible achievement from our Open players and coaches. Congratulations to Emma Armitage-Ho (11R), Emily Becker (12O), Charitie Chen (11H), Amy Guo (10L), Jacqueline Hii (10R), Laura Russell (12G) and Lilly Zhang (12W) for their outstanding contribution and performance in the Open team this year.

A special thanks must go to our 2021 Badminton Captains, Emily Becker (12O) and Lilly Zhang (12W), for the time and effort they have contributed across the season. Emily and Lilly have been positive role models for all players, demonstrating a strong commitment to the sport. Congratulations to Emily and Lilly on six very successful years of Badminton at Girls Grammar.

To all the Year 12 Badminton players, departing the Grammar Badminton scene after many years of commitment, thank you for your contribution to the sport and the positive example you set for the younger players.

All the best to our Year 7 to 9 Badminton players who compete in the QGSSSA Competition this Saturday 16 October.


Ms Amy Penberthy
Health and Physical Education Faculty
Co-ordinator of Basketball
Co-ordinator of Badminton