Rhythmic Gymnastics

First recognised in 1962, Rhythmic Gymnastics combines elements of gymnastics, dance and calisthenics, with gymnasts required to perform dance-like routines alongside apparatus including ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon, or rope. BGGS has a strong history in Rhythmic Gymnastics, with Grammar girls competing in competitions from nationals to the Olympics. In 2021, our gymnasts performed sophisticated and impressive routines, resulting in five pennants, and we look forward to building on this strong foundation this season.

As Captains, we are excited to see gymnasts developing new skills and working together with their teammates, as we have throughout our five seasons of Rhythmic Gymnastics here at BGGS. This season, 72 gymnasts have been working determinedly at our weekly training—they have been developing and building on their strength, flexibility, coordination, and teamwork skills. We know that success is not only defined by triumphs or losses, but also by consistent hard work. With such dedicated and hardworking teams, we know our gymnasts will go all-in with spirit, driven by the ‘blue’, and hope to see them achieve success at the QGSSSA competition later in the season.

This year, we are again fortunate enough to work with talented and supportive coaches, including our Head Coach, Ms Anya Tabolkina, who is currently the National Judging Coordinator. We are incredibly excited for the remainder of the season and hope it will be fun and memorable for all Grammar gymnasts.

Katherine Chuang (12R) and Milly Maruoka (12R)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Captains 2022