Second Chance Committee—Christmas Gift

This year for Christmas, the Second Chance students would like to ask the Girls Grammar community to join us in making a difference for women and children experiencing homelessness, who may not receive any Christmas gift at all.

The Christmas Giving Tree appeal is now set up in the Library and will run until the end of Week 7 (Friday 19 November). All donations will be sent to either Bahloo Women’s Youth Shelter or Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre. The women residing at these shelters are often victims of domestic violence or other forms of abuse. They also vary in age, and the harsh reality is that some of them are as young as our school students.

How to help

Students can come into the Library and find the Christmas Giving Tree. There will be a poster on the wall behind that has tags containing details of present suggestions for a gift. Students can choose a tag from the poster and complete their details on the left of the tag before tearing it off. Students can then buy the present, put it in a gift bag and attach the tag to the gift bag. You may also like to include a card with personal Christmas wishes. Then students can return the bag under the tree with the tag attached to ensure delivery to the correct recipient.

Help spread the gift of joy by participating in our annual Christmas Giving Tree. This year, we are dreaming of a Second Chance kind of Christmas!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season,

Second Chance Students