SIX the Musical

Last Tuesday, the Year 9 Music cohort and Music Extension students had the amazing opportunity to see SIX the Musical live at QPAC. The storyline follows the six wives of King Henry VIII, as they all take part in a song battle to declare who was the best queen of the renaissance era. Each queen took the stage, performing a powerful song about their life with a mix of catchy lyrics, super dance moves, and, of course, incredible voices. Although all the queens had amazing voices and portrayed their characters terrifically, our favourite queen was, of course, the incredible Katherine Howard (Chelsea Dawson) who used show-stopping emotion in her brilliant solo. The number was so amazing that All you wanna do is listen to it over and over again! The queens’ voices blended perfectly together with amazing harmonies that could not be matched and it was inspirational to see an all-female cast and band, promoting female empowerment.

This semester in Music, we are learning ‘Music for the Stage’ and SIX really was the perfect gateway into the genre. Experiencing the production live really motivated us to push the limits of our skills as we go about creating our own songs and performances for the stage! A big thank you to all the teachers who accompanied us to QPAC, and a special thanks to Mr McGrath for coordinating this and making it possible for us to attend!

Anna Hodge (9L) and Molly Lynch (9M)